The Belovo Tapes

Planning Blues

Hello hello hello! I’m Morgan, your DM! I’ve DMed several campaigns over the years but never a real Spycraft one! It doesn’t seem THAT far off from 3.5 so it probably shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not the nicest DM, I was raised on Gygax and AD&D, meaning I know how to make things ridiculously evil and challenging. So things are coming together, you people have character sheets, books, and the drive to get shit done. I’ve got the storyand the game planned enough, and the party is coming together, right now it looks like we’ll have a Techie, a Face man, a heavy soldier, and a lighter soldier. Not a bad party I think, maybe they won’t instantly die. Maybe you’ll all even make it to session two! Mwahahah. So I’ll be writing these to keep the campaign’s participants, you guys, up to date on what’s going on, and I’m not sure how long they’ll all be. So for now I’ll keep this short, welcome to the campaign!



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